COVID-19 response

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The foundational drive for me in my work is to better enable people to have healthier and deeper connections with themselves and with others, so I fully support the World Health Organisation’s advocacy for use of the phrase physical distancing rather than social distancing.

We need to do what we can to slow the spread of the virus and to stay connected.

I have created this page is to let you know how I have adapted my services for the current climate and to offer some resources and links that may be helpful to you.  I will continue to update it as time goes on.

Remote 121 coaching

I have been coaching over the phone and via Zoom since I started coaching in 2017, so am already set up to continue doing this and to support individuals who are new to this way of working.  There is something about being on the phone and/or in your own space, as a coachee, that allows a freedom that may take longer to reach when working face to face in the same room.  It also means that directly following your call, you can continue unfolding whatever may have come up for you in the session as we worked together, or get straight into that thing that we have just challenged you to without breaking your flow by physically leaving the space we have been working in.

Of course, there are many advantages to working face to face too and I miss seeing the clients I would normally meet with to work together but I believe that there is always a way through any challenge. And, if there is discomfort in working over the phone or via a video call, there is potentially useful information in that for you as a coachee.

Remote team work

Working with teams remotely brings with it more considerations, as you will well know by now if you lead or are part of a team.  Again, though, there is always a way through the challenges.  Central to working with leaders and teams as a coach are good conversations about what the team needs, so this simply transfers to the tech and alternative ‘physical environment’ that remote connection involves.  We can find our way to what you need, learning as we go – we are all finding our way through these interesting times anyhow.


I had planned to raise my fees at the beginning of the financial year but have decided to hold off for now because this is an unnecessary change in a time when so many of us in life and business are unsure how things will play out budget-wise.

I am currently looking for funding to subsidise coaching for those who it would be particularly useful for right now but are unable to fund it.


I am still available for 121 and team work, though my hours are slightly adjusted.  At the moment, I am working 9.30am to 4pm BST Monday-Friday.

Some of my normal coaching hours will soon be taken up with pro bono work; coaching NHS staff through Project5 which I am really looking forward to! If you would like to support this project, this is their funding page:


Some useful videos, articles and podcasts for these times….

An offering of tools and questions to help you centre more as you find your way through these uncertain times, where each day offers up different information, emotions and can feel a little like Groundhog Day at times!

This is a simple tool I use to enable me to strengthen my resilience and bring more of myself to the day, a conversation or a task. While working fully remotely and in isolation, or in roles that have changed or intensified significantly for the foreseeable, these things that keep us going will be more important….

This short and fascinating animation explains why we feel awful when we get ill. So much of my work with people is about them becoming more aware of information in their emotions, thoughts and bodies, i.e. their ‘symptoms’, so I love this stuff! Our bodies are so clever….learning to look beyond the symptoms (whether our own, or other people’s) allows us access to the real information; the stuff that allows us to flourish.

A podcast I created with colleagues at Wellbeing In York…

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Making an Appointment

If you are interested in talking with me about one to one coaching, workshops or hosting conversation space for your team, email me at [email protected] or click below to book a conversation with me.

I coach over the phone and face to face at We Are Wellness in Leeds.

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