Going well into your next chapter

“Bryony helped me to see the value that I have. Absolutely, this is a period of transition of my life and I want to do it well. Working with her gave me space to think about the next chapter and what I want it to be; about me bringing the best version of me – it’s about writing it rather than just stumbling across it.”

Are you on a bridge between two places in your life? Are you looking ahead at he bridge, knowing that soon you could be stepping onto it? Or, do you find yourself already on the other side but don’t know quite how you got there and now need to stop the world so that you can take stock of yourself and your life?

Before we can move into and embrace new adventures and phases of life we need to decide what we take with us. What do we need to let go of? What have we learnt and what will serve us going forward? These transitions in life are at least daunting and quite often terrifying. They are also wonderful opportunities for us to purposefully check in with ourselves about what is important in our lives, what we want and who we want to be.

By working with me you will have the space and time to face any fears that are present, shed what you need to and choose…
~how you want to view your next chapter
~to respond, not react, how you want to respond
~to be the person you want to be going forward.

You will step forward, the author of your next chapter and go into it well.

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Top photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash

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