How regularly do you check in with yourself and your team?

“Never say you are JUST a carer.”

These are the words a matron said to me with absolute conviction when, as an agency care worker, I had introduced myself as that.

I have never forgotten her words and intention.  It completely challenged me AND affirmed everything I felt about my job and the fulfilment it gave me.  Plus, it showed me a wonderful element of leadership that I had not experienced before.

My coaching and bespoke workshops are about strengthening the resilience of individuals and the team as a whole, re-connecting to the reason you do the work when you need re-anchoring, finding better ways of working where applicable and taking care of your wellbeing so that you can continue to do the amazing work you do.

My clients find that they gain more self- awareness (and so have more access to their own resources and choices), understand others around them better, learn to manage the busyness of their lives and build their confidence.  All this leads to lower stress levels and living a more fulfilling life, both in and out of work.

I work with individuals to lead themselves courageously so that they can be better leaders with their teams, families, in co-support with colleagues and in work with patients.

Whether working with team leaders, carers, consultants, nurses, ward clerks, doctors, cleaners, administrators or any other members of the team, I will support your staff to individually and collectively recognise what they bring to the team and become more proactive about how they want to work together.

Working with and supporting people who take care of the health and wellbeing of others is core to my work and  my business.  I still bring care, a willingness to be with people in the most challenging parts of life and my sense of humour into my work.  It was on hospital wards and in hospices that I learnt the importance of this in being MY best self at work.

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Conversation is always the best way for creating the most beneficial package for your particular team….

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