The most powerful resources you have as a teacher are within you and your team

How often do you and your staff put your gas masks on first?

You all give your life to educating, nurturing, supporting and guiding the young generation.

It’s a profession that demands creativity, huge capacity, resilience and commitment and yet it does not get the recognition it deserves.  Pressures are increasing and resources are decreasing.  New initiatives and policies are brought in constantly and the needs and behaviour of pupils get more and more challenging.  Burnout in the profession is at an all-time high, significantly impacting staff absenteeism and retention.

Research carried out by Education Support Partnership found that 80% of senior leaders experience work-related stress, more than 75% of teachers suffer from work-related phycological, behavioural or physical symptoms and over half of those surveyed were thinking about leaving the profession because of health reasons.*  I can help.

121 Coaching with your staff

Your teaching staff won’t necessarily tell you when they need support.

Having an external coach in to work with your staff will encourage them to open up lines of communication.  I spend time in your school opening up an impartial and confidential space for people to talk; whether it’s personal, professional, a challenge or something they’d like to work on.

Working with each individual over a period of weeks and even months to help them be their best selves and the best teacher they can be. The impact of this will ripple throughout your department, your staff team and within the classroom.

Coaching Surgeries

I will come into your school one day a month (more if needed), so staff can drop-in for one-off sessions.

121 Coaching with you the Leader

While you are supporting your staff and pupils, who is supporting you?  Being the person who everyone is looking to for inspiration, decision making and guidance brings a different level of stress and responsibility.  You may already be leading courageously or you may feel stuck or overwhelmed by this responsibility, or you may just need to re-find the meaning in and energy for your work and the term or year ahead.

To sustain yourself as a Leader, it is crucial that you consistently look after your mental health and wellbeing.  By doing so, you set an example for the rest of the team which is key to fostering a culture of wellbeing and getting the best out of the school as a whole.

Workshops and Team Building

With so much time spent giving in the classroom, it is crucial that teachers work in a supportive and connected team.  Working collectively to know each other well and build wellbeing into professional conversations allows for greater recognition of the diversity and ability within the team.

Workshop numbers up to 12 people, designed for them to disseminate the training to other staff, making this as cost effective for your school as possible.

For example, if I worked with 12 heads of departments and they then worked with 12 more members of staff each, 156 people would have been trained for the cost of one workshop.  Much of the work could also be adapted for working with pupils, particularly within form tutor/coaching groups and within lessons such as PSHE.

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Bringing wellbeing and mental health to the forefront of your school

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Making an Appointment

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I coach over the phone and face to face at We Are Wellness in Leeds.

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