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A few words from some of the wonderful people I have had the honour of working with...

Bryony is a fantastically insightful coach. She has brought a wonderful combination of compassion, strength and playfulness to all of our coaching sessions and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

I find your emotional intuition really disarming, you have a wonderful ability to listen not to the words people say but the meaning behind them. Many times, before a session I was consciously aware of a sort of ‘block’ in how I was feeling, never quite sure how I would get the most out of the session, but you have an amazing ability to just pop the invisible balloon and I always came out of the session feeling invigorated. I never felt once that anything I wanted to discuss was menial or petty, you took everything on with professional interest and helped guide me through aspects of my anxieties that I hadn’t even fully recognised myself.

Sophie Cudworth


Jewelllery Designer

I would wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Bryony. The process has for me been transformative. The support she gave me was calm and accepting. It enabled me to talk about things in a way I wouldn’t normally. It’s incredibly subtle but I know that it has made a deep and positive difference to the way I think about myself and my wider life.

Before I started the coaching with Bryony I was feeling so frustrated at my situation at home and at work. Everything seemed overwhelming and I was constantly beating myself up over my lack of progress towards making changes. I just couldn’t see any other way of doing things. Bryony has helped me prioritise what is important in my life and work and I have finally given myself permission to chill out, enjoy life whilst making positive steps towards change. Bryony questions and listens with curiosity and energy, she is able to guide me to find the answers that are already in me that I am unable to find myself. She challenges me to question my limiting beliefs and allows me tease out the important issues and then together form an action plan.

As a result of Bryony’s coaching I have given myself permission to enjoy life more and I feel more confident to do the things that I want to do. Thank you Bryony

Bryony quickly and skilfully creates a connection with you which immediately enables you to be honest and open. One of the most powerful skills that Bryony has is her intuition. She is finely attuned to what you are feeling and able to help you connect to the deeper thoughts and feelings you are experiencing.  For me this helped me to clarify my thoughts and importantly, helped me to clearly see the true direction I wanted to take. She also helped me to reflect on assumptions I had about myself from the past and embrace an exciting future without these self-limiting beliefs. As a coach Bryony is playful and uses humour in her coaching which is relaxing and makes the whole process fun! I highly recommend Bryony as a coach.

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