Sparking collaboration, connection and development

I run a variety of workshops and tailor each one to the needs of you and your team. 

These include collaborative conversations with you beforehand and follow up check-ins and/or coaching objectives.

Workshop themes include:

~Coaching skills – for leaders and/or team members

~Changing times – working through transition

~Courageous Leadership – Leading from the inside out

~Emotional Intelligence and Agility – learning to be aware of our emotions enables us to have choice about how we respond to them so that we are more resilient and can lead ourselves well, rather than being led by our emotions

~Working and Living with Purpose – it is so important for us to be well connected to the reason we do valuable work we do so that we can sustain ourselves in a healthy way and give our best to those we serve

~Difficult conversations – holding space for staff to work through what they need to in order to move forward well

~Giving and receiving feedback – so many of us find this hard and yet is is crucial for individual and group development

~A healthy and connected team – knowing and acknowledging each other, embracing the abundance of resource within the team, improving communication and developing trust so that a) individuals work more confidently, creatively and resiliently and b) teams work more collaboratively and efficiently.

To talk to me about how I could help you and your team, simply call me on 07760 464551 or email me at [email protected]

Making an Appointment

If you are interested in talking with me about one to one coaching, workshops or hosting conversation space for your team, email me at [email protected] or click below to book a conversation with me.

I coach over the phone and face to face at We Are Wellness in Leeds.

Top photo by Miki Fath on Unsplash

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